Today’s world has created extraordinary an amount of stress for you.

And the stress doesn’t just drain you of happiness, it can destroy your physical health as well.

Researchers have even noted that when you spend 15 minutes in a rage of anger you shut down your immune system for over 24 hours. An immune system that is key for fighting cancer, infections, and chronic inflammation.

Unfortunately, if you want to live in a body that is full of energy, free of disease and functioning optimally, you are going to have to train your mind to handle stress.

But training the mind can be hard. Positive thinking is tough when the stress keeps pilling on. So there has to be a better way then just changing your thoughts, right?

Well there is.

I call it the 50-25-25 rule to happiness.

Here’s how it works:

25% of your response to stress will be GENETIC

Yes, there is a genetic piece to how you respond to stress. Depression and anxiety can run in families. But the good news is that with advances in research in epigenetics we know that with lifestyle changes you can turn certain genes off.

25% of your response to stress is CIRCUMSTANTIAL

In 20 years of coaching people to better health, I have noticed that the majority of people think that their stress is due to the situation at hand. Your boss is a jerk. Your kids are not behaving the way that you want them too. Or perhaps your workload seems never ending.

But the good news, is the circumstance is only a small piece of the problem. Having a great toolset to handle those problems can really help the stressful situation you are in. If you haven’t been to one of our workshops lately, I teach many of these tools to help you cope with this 25%.

50% of your response to stress is PHYSIOLOGICAL

This is the piece that most people are not aware of. How you see life, how you react to stress, the negative thoughts you are thinking over and over again, can all be accentuated by imbalances in your body.

For example, we know that 80% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes you happy. If your gut bacteria is out of balance, your body will produce less serotonin leaving your brain to create less happy thoughts.

We also know that you have two nervous systems. One that speeds you up and one that slows you down. When you damage your nervous system through neurotoxic foods, changes to the curves in your spine, compression of your brain stem from misaligned bones, you will never be able to full relax your mind. You will always feel revived up.

And lastly, we are now seeing research that high levels of heavy metals such as lead and mercury can damage the pituitary and hypothalamus throwing off your hormones and leading to increased anxiety and depression.

The good news is that YOU can change this 50%. In fact, my experience with patients is this 50% is the easiest to change. You just have to know what’s damaged and have a plan to repair it.