Raising kids is hard.

We live in a very distracted world. Cell phones, social media, and over scheduled lifestyles all make it difficult to keep your kids focused on things that are important, like their health.

The ironic part is that all the good grades, all the sports achievements, and all the fancy colleges they get into don’t mean a thing if they don’t have tools to keep themselves healthy and free from disease.

The generation growing up right now is living in the most toxic time ever.

Psychologists are starting to recognize that this generation of teens are experiencing depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts at levels we’ve never seen before.

Food allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, ADD, learning disabilities are all on the rise.

25% of our children are on medications they will never get off. The health of our children has become so bad that pharmaceutical companies are encouraging doctors to start putting kids on cholesterol and blood pressure medications now.

And what waits for them in their adult years? Cancer rates higher than ever. Diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and thyroid conditions all becoming a normal part of an adult’s life.