Some people think intermittent fasting is license to eat whatever you want during feeding times. But, the entire point of intermittent fasting is to eat fewer calories.Eat whole foods, avoid processed foods, and drink plenty of water. You can also follow other protocols such as paleo but you do need to eat plenty of carbs to last you during your fasting periods.
  • Fruit – You can eat all the fruit you want to eat in its raw form. In some cases, even during fasting periods, you can eat some fruit to help you keep your energy up. If you’re eating, less during your fasting period instead of avoiding eating at all, fruit is a great low calorie substitute.
  • Vegetables – Raw veggies can be eaten even during some fasting periods depending on the protocol you’re following. You can eat lightly steamed veggies any other time. The great thing about raw vegetables is that you can eat them even during your fasting stage if they’re uncooked and unadorned.
  • Grains – Unless you’re gluten intolerant, you should eat plenty of grains. Your body needs the fiber and it will help with digestion. But, if you have a problem with wheat belly (swollen belly after eating wheat), or you have celiac disease then avoid it.
  • Nuts & Seeds – It’s okay to eat nuts and seeds but don’t eat more than a handful at a time. Avoid binging on these items when you’re hungry. Eat your meal before eating any nuts and seeds or make them part of your meal such as a topping on yogurt or a salad.
  • Healthy Fat – It’s great to add some healthy fats like coconut, avocado, banana, or any food that has natural fats that hasn’t been extracted such as oil. Oil is not really a health food. It’s okay to add a little to your food to make it taste good and fill you up; but, it’s not really healthy.
  • Dairy or Substitutes – Don’t feel as if you have to eat dairy, but if you want to you can eat or drink dairy a cup or two a day. You can also feel comfortable using soymilk, nut milks, and yogurts to your hearts content.
  • Protein – With each meal, balance them and eat some type of protein. You don’t have to eat meat if you prefer not to. If you eat a lot of plant-basedfood, you will get plenty of protein especially if you add in beans and tofu.
Honestly, on an intermittent fasting diet you can eat whatever you want as long as it’s a healthy, whole food. You can even sometime have a cheat meal. However, don’t make the mistake of having a cheat meal when you’re super hungry. You’ll over eat, and that will cause you to ruin your progress.