If there was an easy path to health, would you follow it?

If you are approaching your health like most Americans, you are taking the hardest and most complicated path there is to staying healthy. In America, we ignore our health until we have a crisis. Then we put it back work with medication and surgery. The good news is that many Americans are waking up to the fact that drugs and surgeries lead to more drugs and surgeries. People are beginning to see that their lifestyle plays a big part in health conditions they get.

But changing your lifestyle is hard. And how do you know which habits you should focus on? You need an easy and simple path you can follow. You need clear cut proven steps that you can take that will keep you healthy through the years.
This is what our office is about. Giving you those clear cut steps.
Since America is ranked 37 in healthcare when compared to other countries, we need to turn to other cultures who are succeeding at health and see what they are doing.

I just spent a sometime in Italy.
Italy is ranked number 2 in health care. Crazy thing is that this is a culture where smoking is as prevalent as drinking soda is to Americans. So you have to ask yourself why are they ranked so high?
After spending sometime in both small and big cities in Italy, it very clear to me that there are two health habits that keep Italians thriving with their health.