Chronic fatigue is a huge health challenge for many people.

When your body is zapped of energy, it makes it really hard to operate a normal life.

But just like any other symptom you experience, there is a reason WHY your body is so exhausted. When you address the CAUSE of your fatigue your health will change.

If you are struggling with your energy, here are my top recommendations:

1.Don’t guess, test.

Everyone gets chronic fatigue for a different reason.

For my patients with high Ebstein Barr Virus counts, we often we find a major issue in the gut. Eighty percent of the immune system lives in the gut, so if your gut is damaged, you won’t be able to have a strong enough immune response to fight the virus.

Some people are fatigued because their adrenals are shot. Adrenal-fatigued patients have typically overused their adrenals so the adrenals become less efficient. Identifying if your gut or adrenals (or both) are the source of your chronic fatigue is key to getting your energy back quickly.