Use this handy checklist to help you achieve success with intermittent fasting. Every health change requires planning and commitment and this checklist will help.  

Check with Your Health Care Professional

  • Get Blood Work
  • Take Measurements
  • Weigh Yourself
Find Support
  • Look on Facebook for a Group
  • Ask Your Friends or Family to Do it With You
  • Understand Why You’re Doing It
  • Keep a Diary
Buy Groceries
  • Remember: Focus on Whole Foods
  • Eat More Fiber
  • Focus on Health Fats
  • Eat 20 Percent of Calories in Healthy Fat
  • Eat Plenty of Plant Based Carbohydrates
  • Eliminate Processed Food
  • Limit Caffeine
  • Skip Processed Sugar
  • Don’t Eat Fried Food
Choose Your Exercise
  • Make it Fun
  • Do it With a Partner
  • Pick Something You Also Can Do Alone
Listen to Your Body
  • Eat Until Full on Feeding Days
  • Stay Busy on Fast Days
  Sleep Well Nightly
  • Six to Eight Hours is Great
  • Create a Nightly Routine
  • Develop a Morning Routine